2023 - 2024

It is our distinct honor to launch the Twist St Lucia Scholarship Program to assist exceptionally innovative and creative students of Ti Rocher and environs with an educational benefit.

The Twist St Lucia Scholarship is not a traditional scholarship focused on rewarding academic achievement and financial need. Its specific goal is to reward and encourage innovative and creative problem-solving by honoring students who excel as creative problem-solvers and helping make their higher education goals more accessible.

We are truly inspired by our students’ perseverance as they work to achieve their academic dreams 

Application Submission Deadline: July 31, 2023

Awards Announced: August 2023


Eligible applicants to the Twist St Lucia Scholarship for Innovation and Creativity must satisfy one of these two conditions:

  • Applicant must be enrolled from Grade 5 to Form 5
  • Applicant must be a resident of Micoud South
  • The student will identify AND solve an artistic, scientific, or technical problem in a new or unusual way


  • The student will come up with a distinctive solution to problems currently faced at their school, community or family.


We anticipate selecting 5 - 8 scholarship recipients each year. Financial need will not affect the selection of recipients. However, the amount of any award, ranging from EC$500 - EC$5000 per year will be determined by the financial need of the recipient.

How to Apply

Submit Completed Application Form using this link


Selection of Recipients

The Selection Committee will select the applicants who show the most promise as innovative, creative problem solvers, on the basis of their essays, letters of recommendation, and other information included with the application. Academic and extracurricular information play an important secondary role in helping the Committee get a fuller picture of the applicant, but these are not the basis on which the scholarship is awarded. Financial need does not play a role in determining the selection of applicants. After the scholarship recipients are selected, the amount of each award is determined solely on the basis of financial need.

The Selection Committee reserves the right to decide, on a case-by-case basis, to contact applicants for phone interviews or to request additional materials. Applicants should not assume they have not won the scholarship if they are not contacted for an interview. Applicants will be notified by e-mail in August whether or not they have been awarded a scholarship.

Payments of Scholarships

Official Awards ceremony will be held at the Ti Rocher Multi Purpose Center August Date TBD


Additional Information:

Questions regarding the Twist St Lucia Scholarship for Innovation and Creativity should be directed to:

St Lucia Mailing Address: 

The Twist St Lucia Scholarship

℅ Twist St Lucia Ltd

Ti Rocher Post Office

Micoud, St Lucia

US Mailing Address:

The Twist St Lucia Scholarship

℅ Twist By Vee, LLC

2825 Third Ave.

Suite #301

Bronx, NY 10455